Our Mission

Mission Statement

We have to develop an Islamic Professional Society where the hearts of people are glittered by the Love of Prophet AlaehisSalato Wassalam, His Beloved Companions, Family & Saints of Allah (May Allah Be Pleased With Them)

  • Ideological Objectives:
    • To spread the true spirit of Islam and to create awareness about the Islamic history and lives of saints.
    • To pay homage to the achievements of Muslim Leaders, Scientists, Scholars and Intellectuals.
    • To help build professional lives in the light of Sunnah of Prophet Alaehissalato Wassalm and acts of Sa’aliheen.
    • To enlighten the hearts of Muslim youth with the love of Prophet Alaehissalato Wassalam.
    • To build professional force to serve for economic, social and ideological development of Pakistan.
    • To build, promote and serve the forum on national and international level.
  • Professional Objectives:
    • To assist professionals in orientation, adjustment and finding appropriate training and job opportunities.
    • To inculcate highest level of ethical awareness and conduct among members.
    • To promote mass education for social an economic wellbeing.
  1. Aims:
  • To establish professional networking by maintaining hierarchal structure and communication opportunities.
  • To undertake research, publication and promotion work for spreading the true spirit of Islam and creating awareness and character building in the light of Sunnah.
  • To undertake research, publication and promotion work for updating and maintaining technical knowledge, professional awareness and development.
  • To organize programs, seminars, conferences and workshops of Scholars, Professionals, learned people and intellectuals to served education, professionalism, Islamic Studies and current affairs.
  • Facilitating and guiding the students seeking admissions in different colleges, universities and professional institutes for positioning their career.
  • To maintain central information bureau on employment opportunities, exchange programs, scholarships, and graduates and under graduates training opportunities as a service to members and others.
  • To celebrate the religious and national events and occasions.
  • To establish cardinal relations with all the Sunni organizations and may facilitate them in any activity which in in accordance with Forum’s objectives.
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